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To-day's projects of


The Association intends to promote with the help and participation of all its Delegates the following projects :

a) Emigrants' Annual RALLY - CONVENTION in the Sila National Park

b) Emigrants' ABODE
Restructuration of old houses in the historical centers into rest-houses where the emigrants may stay during their holidays.
All donors of "HERITAGE CALABRIA" can contribute to help and support the Association in giving their gift to :
Fondation of the Emigrants "HERITAGE"
which has been formed for this purpose.

The potential for the environmental development of the Sila National Park along with the planning of events such as literary and other artistic awards, will hold a place of great prominence on Heritage's agenda.

The Annual Emigrants' RALLY/CONVENTION in the Sila National Park, anticipated to take place from the 15 of July to the end of August, is a parade of festivals, events, performances, meetings, discusssions, tours, all in the name of tradition and in the spirit of friendship which defines the people of Calabria .
Forty five days of intense activity; a unique opportunity for cultural exchanges, for creating and strengthening relationships with the immigrants' descendents whereby they can discover the reason for their parents love for Calabria.
An opportunity to keep alive our customs, our values and the feelings and emotions typical of our culture. Our cuisine, our songs, our traditions, our people and our connection to the Mediterranean and the history of a millenary civilization rich in knowledge and wisdom.