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"Heritage Calabria" is an association of calabresi emigrants.

It was born so that Calabria would forever affectionately remember those who had to leave their land, as early as the 1880's, to find work and settle in other provinces within Italy, in European countries, in the distant Americas, and on other Continents.
It was born to acknowledge these "doc" calabresi who have kept alive in their heart fondest memories of their native land and faithfully passed them on to their children and grandchildren with tenderness and nostalgia.

"Heritage Calabria" represents a bridge between the land of Calabria and her children abroad.
The story of emigration is one of shining hope, of tragedies and blood, of affection, passion, dreams and longings. Emigration is part of the culture of the calabresi who have successfully exported their genius, their capacity to endure and sacrifice in order to realize impossible dreams and provide assistance for their loved ones. Thanks to emigration, Calabria has been able to develop both at the cultural and social level, improving lifestyles and opportunities. Thanks to emigration, families have been able to raise their standard of living and acquire knowledge.

Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of both emigrants and emigration, "Heritage Calabria" would like to, in whatever way, strengthen ties will all calabresi.
Calabria is a wonderful place of great natural and historical treasures. It is the land of the sun, of the sea and of dense mountains that dare reach for the sky. It is home of friendship and everlasting values.
The Association, with the emigrants' participation, plans to make use of this available patrimony and finally through the exchange of culture, knowledge and experience, rediscover Calabria as an important resource.
Calabresi abroad have succeeded and excelled as laborers, artisans, intellectuals, executives and entrepreneurs, which leaves us wondering why the talent of so many has ended up elsewhere outside Calabria.

Our region's long and rich history, especially in the Nineteen hundreds, has suffered the effects of a distracted national public administration, voluntarly incapable of investing in Calabria, failing to employ and engage all its resources, human, natural and cultural. It is the emigrant's wealth of experience gained in other economic, political and cultural places of residence that can facilitate the desperately needed change of direction.
The time for a necessary concrete and effective redemption is here. It is necessary to plan for development starting at the associative level, born by the willingness to commit and collectively transform a mentality rooted in surrender and subjugation. If Calabria is to effectively compete and stay within Europe it must take the road of enterprise and productive activities.
"Heritage Calabria" wants to move in this direction through exchanges and dialogue with emigrants, through projects for their return, promote exchanges with immigrants and take actions, which include targeted investments and concentration of energies.

All calabresi are called to work together, with heart and mind.

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